Google Ads

What if you could be on the front page of Google for a large amount of keywords, instantly. Google ads allows you to do this, and whats more, you only pay for the ad when an interested customer actually clicks on your ad, which leads them to your web-site.


  • Product and keyword research
  • Immediate results
  • You choose your budget
  • In depth Reports

No longer are books and encyclopedias used, everything you need can be found online and the easiest way to find it is by using a search engine. Google is the worlds largest search engine with over 300 billion global search results and hundreds of millions of search results in South Africa every day.

Why Google AdsAdwords Qualified

  • Google ads is one of the quickest ways to start bringing targeted traffic to your site.
  • It is easily measurable method to establish your return on your internet marketing investment.
  • Global Reach – Almost anyone who uses the internet uses Google to find what they are looking for.

How Google Ads work

Google has an ads function which allows users to create small advertisements on the side of the Google page. The ad is limited to a brief heading, a small picture, followed by a few choice words to grab the users attention. Your ad appears if the phrase used by the consumer in the search bar matches the keywords you have chosen for your campaign. These ads are also auctioned for based on your budget and the audience you have chosen. Advertises have the choice between cost per click (cpc) where you are only charged when your ad is clicked on, or cost per thousand (cvm) which is charged per 1000 times your ad is displayed.

How we do this

  • Market research
    We research your product and target market and customize each campaign to not only stand out but be highly specific to your relevant target audience.
  • Key Word Research
    We find and research popular search terms which are entered by your target audience into search engines.
  • CPC vs CPM analysis
    We provide a feasibility analysis between CPC and CPM advertising based on your budget, target market and the type of product.
  • Campaign Management
    A Successful campaign requires ongoing management – once a successful campaign has been developed we will constantly tweak, edit and review your campaign according to our monthly site analytics report and latest trends.